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Your New Favorite Band: Soda Bomb

By Sarah Waxberg.

Band Name: Soda Bomb ( ( ( 

Genre: Lo-fi/ Punk

Hometown: Long Island, NY

How I discovered them: They followed me on Tumblr, and I immediately felt the need to listen to them when I saw that they’re from my hometown.

 Description: While listening to the song “i wanna die”, my first thought about Soda Bomb was that they belonged on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack. They have a very distinct sound that differs from most punk. It’s as if Wavves and MGMT joined forces with Nirvana to make a punk band. Despite the name of the depressing track name, their music isn’t “cry yourself to sleep” so much as angsty punk. The sound is charmingly homemade; I really felt like I was sitting in their garage listening to them play.

For Fans Of: Wavves, Smashing Pumpkins, CM Punk, Metric

Accomplishments: Their EP Hooligan is available for free download on their Bandcamp and they recently played at SUNY Purchase! Keep an eye on their Tumblr and Facebook for upcoming shows and more great music to come.

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