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Pictures of Lift the Decade from the Earn it Yourself Spring (Into Action) Tour at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ (5/23/11)! More photos on photobucket here.

Being that they were still in high school (their bassist, James, is only fifteen!), Lift the Decade were probably the youngest bands of the night by age (if I had to guess, I’d say that Lost Blue were a little older than them; A Balance Between and The Vinyls both seemed to be years older and either of these two), though they’ve been playing together for a few years. It’s good that they have so many different influences. Right now, it seems like they’re four friends in a band who like playing music together, and that’s awesome! It’ll be interesting to hear their next EP and hopefully hear them fine-tune their sound. I think they have a lot of potential and I think they could be big, if they keep working at it!

They were a fun band to watch live; I definitely got some GREAT shots of them. I don’t have super-professional equipment (I use a Nikon D60- it’s a DSLR, which is definitely better than any point and shoot, but no, it doesn’t compare to a $5000 camera) but I think a big part of getting good pictures of a concert is capturing the moment at the right time- being able to know when to take the pictures and where to stand (or kneel) to get the best pictures and the best images of the band performing. You can have the best equipment and the best skills (i.e. everything is in focus, no red eyes, perfect exposure, etc.) but what really MAKES the picture is the subject or person in it and what they’re doing! Some of that, honestly, is luck, although that’s just my two cents.

Check out my interview with the band here!

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