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Pictures of The Vinyls from the Earn it Yourself Spring (Into Action) Tour at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ (5/23/11)! More photos on photobucket here.

The Vinyls were a great band to listen to, and they were a great band to watch, too- probably my favorite. Even if you didn’t know their songs, you had fun. The were clearly seasoned performers and knew how to get the audience in to the songs, but they didn’t seem like they were artificially putting on a show or act; it was pure, honest, rock and roll. I was able to interview two of their members as well (I’ll have that posted soon!), and though the interview got cut short, they were really nice to talk to. They were definitely one of the older bands that was there (the band hasn’t been around that long but their members were older than those of Lift the Decade and Lost Blue), and it was refreshing to meet people who had been there, done that and had been around “the scene” for awhile, but who were still excited about music.

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